Meeting of the Global Talent Mobility Circle of the mX Benchmark Council

30th July 2024

Meeting of the mX Global Talent Mobility Circle

This event is part of the regular meeting cadence of the Global Talent Mobility Circle of the mX Benchmark Council.

This is an enduring Circle, chaired by senior talent and mobility leaders from Walmart. It draws together global mobility and talent leads, in a collaborative environment, to identify effective strategies for better leveraging the different types of international experience that companies provide.

When: 30th July 2024, 09:00-11:00 EST (14:00-16:00 UK).

If you are responsible for the global talent pipeline, or the mobility program that supports it, and are interested in being part of this Circle, please email us to arrange a conversation with the Circle Chairs.

The mX Benchmark Council is made up of Circles of peers, chaired and driven by corporate professionals. These experts work together – in a trusted, confidential environment free from vendors – to benchmark important elements of their programs and to share, discuss and compare information about their program’s effectiveness.