Needs Assessment

A clear understanding of its global mobility needs is an essential starting point for any company wishing to optimise its talent mobility program. However, most organisations do not have an established process for gathering and analysing such information.

In many instances, the links between the global mobility function and senior business leaders are somewhat tenuous and this can hinder attempts at engagement at such a strategic level.

Working closely with leading international companies over many years in the trusted environment of the forum for expatriation and talent, has allowed us to craft the questions which, together, help elicit the shape and extent of those needs. Many companies have used the Mobility Needs Assessment instrument to gain insights into the differing mobility needs of the various parts of their business.

Whether simply deployed as an online questionnaire or, more typically, used to guide an interview process with divisional business leaders, this instrument is invaluable in structuring an engagement with senior business leaders. TraQs have the experience needed to conduct such interviews in order to establish the talent mobility needs which your programs must fulfill.