Talent Mobility Review

There is a pressing need for leading international companies to build and sustain a strong pipeline of global talent – employees who can operate, lead and compete successfully in increasingly global markets. For most world class organisations, international assignments remain key in the strategy for building such a pipeline since such assignments are able to provide uniquely developmental experiences.

Unfortunately, international assignments remain easily the most expensive of developmental interventions, and research has proved that not all assignments are equally developmental. Worryingly, metrics prove that, for many organisations, such assignments do not necessarily lead to improved career opportunities and advancement.

What can you do to make talent mobility effective in your company? Global mobility programs need to be re-engineered to support the particular value outcomes which lie at the heart of effective talent mobility – outcomes concerned with talent development, retention, career growth and organisational impact. This will likely involve a significant process transformation to establish or strengthen important connections between the HR disciplines which are responsible for practices that are vital to success.

What is the scope, scale and nature of this process transformation in your organisation?

Our ‘Talent Mobility Review’ is designed to answer this question. It reveals whether or not you have in place all of the processes which are essential to safeguarding the breadth and depth of your global talent pipeline; and how effective those processes are.

The review examines practices across four broad areas of talent mobility: Needs Assessment, Assignment Initiation, Career Management and Evaluation. Get in touch with us to discuss how our Talent Mobility Review works, and what it can do for you.