Projects & Initiatives

“Striving for Excellence in Talent Mobility”

An initiative with the Talent Mobility Taskforce

During the first phase of our successful collaboration with leading US and European companies – the “Global Talent Pipeline: Critical Metrics Effective Strategies” project – we were able to demonstrate, using new and unique metrics, that some companies leverage the experience gained through international assignments significantly better than others. Moreover, we found evidence to suggest that companies that adopt better practices in talent mobility were the ones reaping the benefits of accelerated employee development and positive career outcomes for those in the global talent pipeline.

Building on that foundation, in the second phase of the project we set out to define all the elements of talent mobility good practice. In the ‘Best Practice Portal’ of the Talent Mobility Taskforce, we delivered a powerful tool which both reveals current best practice and helps drive continuous improvement.

However, challenges remain! The scope of good practice required for best-in-class talent mobility embraces strategic workforce planning, sourcing, talent management and global mobility and, importantly, the links between them. So, if you are ‘striving for excellence’, seeking to transform the development, career outcomes and organisational impact of your mobile talent, where do you start?

The simple answer is, it depends where you are right now. The first step must be to establish clearly the strengths and weaknesses in your current approach. This involves finding meaningful, reliable measures which provide a direct or indirect assessment of those important outcomes. You’ll then need to transform these measures into insightful metrics that reveal how well or badly you are doing; for this, you are going to need comparable data from other world-class organisations.

Armed with these insights, you’ll need to take a fresh look at your talent mobility priorities and develop a plan of action. Establishing your priorities will involve a thorough understanding of the business strategy, and your action plan will likely touch on improving certain practices to do with assignment initiation, career management and the way we evaluate successful assignments.

And, therein lies the challenge, because these practices span the traditional responsibilities of line management, strategic resourcing/workforce planning, talent management, and global mobility.

“Striving for Excellence in Talent Mobility” is a ‘how to’ initiative that builds on the great work of the ‘Global Talent Pipeline: Critical Metrics, Effective Strategies’ project. It consists of a series of virtual and face to face webinars and roundtables to discuss common challenges, exchange ideas and agree priorities – supported, as necessary, by surveys, research and new tools.

The goal?

To provide practical deliverables which extend the boundaries of best practice in talent mobility.