CINDEX: Metrics of international mobility program performance

How the world’s leading companies are driving continuous improvement

When: Tuesday 28 March 2017 09:30-11:30
Where: Tour Coupole – Salle des Congrès A, Paris La Défense,

Despite so many socio-economic and political uncertainties, the globalisation of business continues to be a key driver of growth. Global mobility remains a vital tool for businesses to grow and deploy a pipeline of culturally-agile talent capable of succeeding in an increasingly complex and competitive global economy.

It is essential that our programs provide the right array of policies and delivery structures that allow all parts of the business to mobilise key talent in a smooth, cost-effective manner. In short, our companies need high-performing programs, and program owners need to step up to this challenge.

Yet, global mobility is uniquely complex among HR processes requiring the concerted effort of multiple delivery partners both within and outside the company to manage practical, financial and career concerns while ensuring legal and fiscal compliance across at least two countries.

During this presentation we consider what you can do to manage this complexity, during and beyond the assignment lifecycle, and rise to the challenge of running a high-performing program. We reflect on the challenges of producing meaningful metrics from customer feedback and explain why such metrics are the key to driving continuous improvement. We explain how many of the world’s leading companies work collect, organise and evaluate stakeholder feedback and the impact this has had on the performance of their programs.

The presentation focused both on the principles behind using voice-of-the-customer stakeholder metrics to drive continuous improvement, and the experience of many leading global companies in using such metrics over a number of years.

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