TraQs at Gulf Coast Symposium Houston 2016

A one hour session 14:15-15:15 on Wednesday, May 11
Title: Global Talent: Leveraging Global Mobility to Build the Pipeline

Our goals for this session were to clarify:

  • The link between global mobility and the global talent pipeline
  • The importance international assignments to the pipeline
  • What differentiates ‘talent mobility’ from other global mobility
  • How to focus on supporting better talent mobility outcomes

Summary of recommendations:

  1. Listen to your mobile talent: understand their experiences, assess growth and track career impact
  2. Use positive experiences to stimulate talent mobility and focus growth: share their wisdom, value their growth and encourage talent mobility
  3. Strengthen talent mobility practices: review, adapt and improve


For more information, email or call on +44 1344 898001.

TraQs - transforming global mobility and the talent pipeline to build organizational strength in global markets

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