TraQs at Red Expat EX team meeting

26th November 2019, Madrid, Spain

Employee Experience and Mobility

The team of Red Expat member companies that met in September reconvened to conclude their project on understanding and improving the employee experience in global mobility.

TraQs first provided expert responses to a number of new questions that had been raised – including ‘what are the policy changes that are being made to improve employee experience’ and ‘the role of digital technologies such as AI, chat bots in the employee experience’.

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TraQs-TaxPartner 2019 Talent Mobility Roundtable

31st October 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

Improving the experience of mobile talent – relocation, growth, career and taxes

The global mobility function often feels undervalued and in some way disconnected from other aspects of HR support. Yet, its complex work quietly underpins global operations and initiatives of vital strategic significance to the organisation. How do you get the recognition and support you deserve?

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