TraQs Roundtable at Citi in New York

8th November 2018, Manhattan, NY

Next-generation talent mobility: what it looks like and how to get there

Strategic Roundtable

An invitation only roundtable of leading international companies on Thursday 8 November 2018 hosted by Citi at their HQ in TriBeCa, NY.

Global mobility programs are designed to satisfy the needs of a number of stakeholders – including, of course, the employee herself. Despite our function’s focus on meeting her needs, in truth the needs of the company will almost always take priority.

How do we weigh up the conflicting needs and interests of our key assignment stakeholders and then ensure that our program balances these interests fairly and effectively? During this roundtable, we will examine in depth the needs of each of the key assignment stakeholders and consider the role of the global mobility function in meeting these needs.

A deep understanding of stakeholder experience, especially needed outcomes, is one of the keys to enabling our program to break free from the confines of the assignment lifecycle, and extend its governance beyond practical relocation assistance to embrace stakeholder needs during pre-assignment initiation and their expectations post-assignment. We will seek to demonstrate again the importance of measuring outcomes as the key to balancing the needs of each of the stakeholders.

We will conclude by considering a new governance vision for the talent mobility function – as ‘curator of the assignment experience’

Next meeting in May 2019

For more information or to discuss your interest in participating in a subsequent roundtable, email or call on +44 1344 898001.

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