TraQs Roundtable at EY in New York

31st May 2018, Manhattan, NY

Next-generation talent mobility: what it looks like and how to get there

Strategic Roundtable

An invitation only roundtable of leading international companies on Thursday 31 May 2018 hosted by Ernst & Young at their Times Square office, NY.

Session 1: We spend a lot of time and energy designing and changing the building blocks of our program, its architecture, to deliver our programs most effectively. For example, we adopt new policies, outsource more or less, switch our vendors and implement new technologies. What does the data say about the impact these choices have on the performance of our programs and the desired employee experience?

Session 2: During earlier roundtable meetings, the group decided that next-generation global mobility programs could not remain confined within the assignment lifecycle, but would have to expand their governance to include pre-assignment initiation and post-assignment outcomes. How else is it possible to introduce needed metrics of success and/or ROI? The roles and responsibilities of the next-gen function need to be clarified. What about the connections with talent management and strategic workforce planning? Otherwise, trends – such as the growing use of one-way transfers – threaten to reduce the role of the function to simply facilitating relocation.


10:00–12:30 Impact of Program Architecture on program performance and the employee experience
13:30–16:00 Next-gen TM governance – success/ROI – alignment with talent – impact of one-way moves

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