TraQs Roundtable at PepsiCo in New York

25th May 2017, Purchase, NY

Next-generation talent mobility: what it looks like and how to get there

Strategic Roundtable

An invitation only roundtable of leading international companies on Thursday 25 May 2017 hosted by PepsiCo at their HQ in Purchase, NY, to progress the next generation talent mobility initiative.


10:00–13:00 Leveraging technology to improve communication and the user experience
14:00–17:00 Focusing our business customers on how our program supports successful outcomes

Reception and working dinner at L’escale

Key outcomes of this roundtable:

  • individual talent mobility reviews will identify missing or inadequate talent mobility practices
  • each company will participate in a pilot of a new tool to measure success and ROI
  • results will be discussed at the next meeting and possibly during an earlier webinar
  • next meeting in early November 2017

For more information, email or call on +44 1344 898001.

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