Supper Club Roundtable in New York

1st May 2014


Striving for Excellence in Talent Mobility

A new initiative of TraQs and the Talent Mobility Taskforce

It is two years since we concluded the first phase of our successful collaboration with leading US and European companies – the “Global Talent Pipeline: Critical Metrics Effective Strategies” project.

Using new and unique metrics, we were able to demonstrate that some companies leverage the experience gained through international assignments significantly better than others. Moreover, we found evidence to suggest that companies that adopt better practices in talent mobility were the ones reaping the benefits of accelerated employee development and positive career outcomes for those in the global talent pipeline.

Building on that foundation, in the second phase of the project we set out to define all the elements of talent mobility good practice. In the ‘Best Practice Portal’ of the Talent Mobility Taskforce, we delivered a powerful tool which both reveals current best practice and helps drive continuous improvement.

How can you benefit from these advances in the art and science of talent mobility?

Join us at our Supper Club Roundtable in New York City on Thursday May 1st when we will be discussing our new ‘striving for excellence’ roadmap.

Where? At an amazingly good restaurant in Manhattan!

For more information, email or call on +44 1344 898007.

The Supper Club is for senior HR professionals with responsibility for designing and delivering talent mobility strategy, whether from a global talent management or strategic global mobility perspective.

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