Talent Mobility Taskforce launch

The fast track to best practices in global talent mobility

Attend the live launch webcast of the Talent Mobility Taskforce on Thursday, 30 August 2012
Time: 15:00 UK, 10:00 NY, 22:00 Hong Kong

What you can expect to learn?

  1. Why the Taskforce is the fast track to best practices in talent mobility
  2. How it enables you to evaluate the strength of your current practices
  3. How the Taskforce’s ‘Best Practice Portal’ reveals approaches that work
  4. How the Taskforce’s virtual workshops provide clarity and genuine insight

There is an urgent need for companies to build and strengthen their pipeline of global talent, and leveraging international experience is a key factor in achieving this. But how can we make significant advances now?

Everyone keeps talking about it – now you can do something about it!

Join other global talent and mobility professionals in the ‘Talent Mobility Taskforce’, a new virtual community designed to help companies identify, clarify and adopt better practices in talent mobility. Those in the Taskforce have access to a ‘Best Practice Portal’ which allows them to locate examples of exceptional approaches that have worked for others. Virtual workshops provide the opportunity to discuss particular practices in greater detail. Everything is presented within a robust framework of talent mobility good practice.

For more information, visit www.TalentMobilityTaskforce.com,
email leadership@talentmobilitytaskforce.com
or call +44 1344 898001 or +1 646-863-6059.

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