TraQs at NFTC EMC in Montréal

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TraQs at NFTC in Montreal, Thursday, Sept 13

Two hour presentation at the National Foreign Trade Council’s Expatriate Management Committee meeting in Montreal
Theme: Global Talent Mobility: Critical Metrics and Strategies for Improving ROI

Presentation outline

  1. What we mean by ‘Talent Mobility’
  2. The kind of metrics we can use to understand how well we leverage the international experience we offer our employees
  3. What the metrics tell us about the developmental and career impact of international assignments across leading international companies
  4. Strategies you can adopt to improve the return-on-investment from global talent mobility

Tools explained:

  • Expatriate Program Metrics: a survey tool providing KPIs across three dimensions of a mobility program’s ‘performance’ – the services of vendors; the support provided in-house; job and career outcomes
  • Post-assignment talent impact survey: an EPM module that reveals how well you leverage international experience to strengthen your global talent pipeline
  • Talent Mobility Taskforce: an online portal and virtual community to help you identify, clarify and adopt better practices in talent mobility

For more information, email or call on +44 1344 898001 or +1 646-863-6059.

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