TraQs at NFTC EMC in New York

Talent Mobility Metrics: Striving for Excellence through the use of Metrics

When: Thursday 16 April 2015
Where: AIG, 175 Water Street, New York

An invitation to present at the National Foreign Trade Council’s Expatriate Management Committee meeting in New York on how the right kind of metrics can help drive continuous performance improvement.

“I used to think I worked for a great company, but now I’m not so sure” wrote one employee of the support they experienced around their international assignment. With companies focused on leveraging such international experiences to fast-track the growth of high-potential talent, excellence in the way global mobility is delivered is more strategically significant than ever before.

Ensuring excellence in global mobility delivery is no straightforward matter. It necessarily involves coordinating the efforts of multiple delivery partners within and outside the company to satisfy the conflicting demands of the cost-bearing host business, the employee and his/her family, and the corporation as a whole in terms of its need for organizational development.

With so much complexity, there are plenty of opportunities for disappointment and no shortage of voices willing to express their dissatisfaction. In the absence of a positive, compelling story about the value and successes in global mobility, the conversation is likely to be dominated by complaints and concerns.

In this presentation, TraQs set out to demonstrate that the right kind of metrics allow for a more balanced insight into the strengths of the talent mobility program and the challenges that are still to be overcome.

Four essential features of world-class voice-of-the-customer metrics

1. Questionnaires: Survey questionnaires need to be comprehensive – to embrace various assignment types – and well-crafted in seeking out, not only problems, but also the nature and importance of any concerns raised

2. Process: The process needs to operate smoothly and guarantee the high response-rates which provide needed assurance about the validity of the feedback

3. Scope: Needs to provide metrics across the assignment life-cycle and beyond about the performance of all delivery partners and about key talent outcomes

4. Benchmarks: Market benchmarks avoid the common problem of chasing the wrong performance target – either set too high or too low – and underpin a process of continuous improvement

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