TraQs at RED EXPAT in Sanxenxo

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Developing Talent through International Assignments

Why global mobility and talent management need to adapt . . . and how

When: Thursday 21 May 2015
Where: Sanxenxo, Spain

A two-hour workshop at the 15th Forum for Professional HR International Mobility Management in Spain.

What kind of development goals can we reasonably expect from an International Assignment in terms of Performance, Potential & Global Competence? How has the introduction of policies for ‘developmental assignments’ impacted C&B packages for international assignees?

Session outline:

  • Why talent mobility matters
  • What is talent mobility anyway?
  • How talent mobility relates to the global talent pipeline
  • Understanding ROI and the desired value outcomes from talent mobility
  • The four broad areas you need to get right to ensure effective talent mobility
  • How EPM metrics help drive forward effective talent mobility
  • Other essential tools: TraQit demographic dashboards and the Talent Mobility Best Practice portal

For more information, email or call on +44 1344 898007.

Delegates can download the slides here:

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