TraQs at RED EXPAT in Spain

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Two-hour workshop and presentation in Sanxenxo at the 13th Forum for Professional HR International Mobility Management in Spain.

Forum topic: Connecting international mobility and talent management

Focus: How international assignment programs need to adapt to support the development of the talent pipeline

Workshop and pre-session survey addressing the following questions:

  1. How companies are differentiating international assignment packages for different types of mobile talent (Executives v Experts v Potentials)
  2. Regarding the development benefits of international assignments:
    1. What do companies mean by Global Leaders?
    2. How do an international assignments help to develop a Global Leader?
    3. How do we measure the impact of international mobility?
    4. What are the advantages of specific programs linking international mobility and assignee development?

Session outline:

  • Optimising talent mobility: what we can control and outcomes we can measure
  • Tiered international assignment policies for different profiles of mobile talent
  • How international mobility can help develop an employee
  • Metrics and insights to help optimise talent mobility – the EPM tool
  • Workshop: Mobility propositions for different profiles of mobile talent

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