TraQs at RED Expat in Madrid

Social Security Practices – presentation and discussion of survey results

When: 11 February 2016
Where: Madrid, Spain

A two hour workshop on the Social Security practices of Spanish companies in connection with their mobile employees who are away from Spain on expatriate or local contracts.

Like companies all over the world, the strategic growth plans of Spanish companies rely increasingly on their ability to move employees to work temporarily or indefinitely in other countries. When it comes to relocating their Spanish employees, however, companies are finding that uncertainty and anxiety regarding entitlement to state pension, health, disability, unemployment and similar benefits is a particularly challenging barrier to employee mobility.

Survey purpose:

  • how significant this barrier to mobility is for Spanish companies
  • the practices companies have adopted to mitigate the problem and encourage mobility
  • the procedures companies use to maximise entitlement to social security benefits in Spain
  • the issues and concerns experienced by companies managing these procedures in practice
  • any steps that could be taken to mitigate these problems in the future

For more information on the survey and the findings, email or call on +44 1344 898007.

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