TraQs, TaxPartner and hkp/// Roundtable in Zurich

Tactical Global Mobility: The Implications for Talent – and Taxes

When: Thursday 10 November 2011 17:00-19:00 followed by a drinks reception
Where: TaxPartner AG, Talstrasse 80, 8001 Zürich with reception at Bar/Restaurant HAUTE to follow

For some time, we have noticed that many companies are increasingly employing and remunerating international temporary transfers into Switzerland on local terms, rather than using the more traditional expatriate home-country ‘build-up’ approach. Anecdotal evidence suggests that, rather than reflecting a shift in strategic mobility, resourcing or talent objectives, the driving force is a belief that transfers on local terms must be cheaper, and administratively less burdensome, than those made on expatriate terms.

But, is this really the case? And, what are the implications for talent engagement, development and retention of such tactical approaches to global mobility?

These were some of the questions discussed at this early evening roundtable and, more informally, during the drinks reception that followed.

Driving the debate and stimulating discussion were experts from three firms with reputable, specialist expertise: Michael Elia (TraQs), Peter Vogt (TaxPartner) and Harriet Sebald (hkp).

Our aims for the event were to provide:

  • insights into the good practices and processes that underpin effective, strategic talent mobility
  • greater clarity about the implications of an increasing reliance on local transfers, both into Switzerland and in general, as a tactical approach to employee mobility
  • a relaxed environment within which to reinforce existing – and build new – networks and relationships

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