TraQs-TaxPartner Talent Moblity Roundtable 2017 in Zurich

How your program can begin to measure and improve assignment ROI

When: Thursday 2 November 2016 17:00-19:00 followed by a reception
Where: TaxPartner AG, Talstrasse 80, 8001 Zürich with reception at Löweneck Restaurant & Bar to follow

Today’s global mobility program owners know their remit only too well: deliver employee mobility at the lowest possible cost, avoid compliance traps and minimise justifiable causes for complaint. How well we deliver on these objectives defines the perceived success, or otherwise, of our program.

Tax Partner helps ensure fiscal compliance and avoid unnecessary tax and social security costs. TraQs uses assignment stakeholder feedback to provide a world-class process of customer-driven continuous program improvement that neutralises the damaging impact of anecdotal criticism.

The one metric that remains noticeably absent when it comes to defining the effectiveness of our global mobility programs is any measure of the Return on Investment (ROI) of the moves we help make possible. Without such a ‘value’ metric, we are unable to see the impact of cost-reduction efforts – or other program changes – on the success of assignments and on the company’s ability to grow, retain and motivate those in our global talent pipeline.

During this roundtable, we will reveal the steps being taken by some of the world’s leading companies to introduce meaningful ROI metrics that will focus attention on the value-adding, strategic contribution made by our programs. As usual, we will also discuss a number of detailed Swiss topics, including: the tax status and deduction possibilities of international commuters; the source-tax issues associated with regular business travellers; and the particular social security considerations for board-members in an international environment.

Please join us at this year’s Talent Mobility Roundtable to share your own thoughts, challenges and ideas with your peers and trusted partners during the roundtable and, more informally, over drinks and refreshments to follow.

Driving the conversation will be experts from two leading firms, TraQs and TaxPartner. In addition to presenting stimulating information and insights, we aim to provide a relaxed environment within which you can nurture your professional network and relationships.


17:00 – Welcome and introductions
17:10 – Presentations:
● Value metrics – critical to optimising the performance of your program
● Assignment initiation – introducing ROI metrics into your business case
● Assignment conclusion – measuring success, talent impact and ROI
● The tax status of an International Commuter and tax deduction possibilities around it
● Regular business travellers – when are they in-scope of Swiss source tax?
● Social security considerations for individuals in special situations
18:15 – Roundtable discussion
19:00 – Reception with drinks and refreshments

A slide deck will be available here

For more information about the event, email or call on +44 1344 898007