TraQs-TaxPartner Talent Moblity Roundtable 2018 in Zurich

Employee Experience: nothing is certain in our global world . . . except mobility and taxes

When: Thursday 1 November 2018 17:00-19:00 followed by a reception
Where: TaxPartner AG, Talstrasse 80, 8001 Zürich with reception at Löweneck Restaurant & Bar to follow

One of today’s key HR themes concerns the need for a more employee-centred approach designed to optimise the ‘employee experience’ (EX) and, it is argued, thereby improve business performance. What does this mean for those of us in the field of global mobility? While tax and immigration compliance, of course, remain a given, will this latest HR transformation shift the emphasis in our programs from ‘lowest-cost’ to ‘best-experience’? To ensure that our programs are delivering what is expected of them, it’s important that we are able to answer this question . . . and others: .

• What does EX really mean and is it different for the globally mobile?
• How can we capture and interpret EX for the globally mobile?
• If there is a conflict between EX and business success – which takes precedence, and how?

At this year’s Talent Mobility Roundtable we will show you how to incorporate a meaningful EX focus into your program. As usual, we will also have ample opportunity to discuss in detail a number of important Swiss topics, including: how to deal with an incorrect affiliation to social security in an international environment and how to fix the situation; special considerations with triangular cases where an individual is employed in country A, resides in country B but is assigned to country C; and source tax considerations for international business travelers.

Tax Partner helps ensure fiscal compliance and avoid unnecessary tax and social security costs for its clients. TraQs measures the employee experiences of the globally mobile, providing a set of unique metrics for companies to guide interactions with this vital cohort of employees.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, challenges and ideas – and those of your peers – during the roundtable and, more informally, over drinks and refreshments to follow.

Driving the conversation will be experts from two leading firms, TraQs and TaxPartner. In addition to presenting stimulating information and insights, we aim to provide a relaxed environment within which you can nurture your professional network and relationships.


17:00 – Welcome and introductions
17:10 – Presentations:
● Why EX matters and what this means for global mobility
● Measuring and optimising EX for the globally mobile
● Managing conflicts between EX and that other key metric – cost!
● Incorrect affiliation to social security in an international environment – what can be done?
● Triangular cases: challenges with employment, residency and assignment in different countries
● Swiss tax duties of international business travelers
18:15 – Roundtable discussion
19:00 – Reception with drinks and refreshments

A slide deck will be available here

For more information about the event, email or call on +44 1344 898007