Striving for Excellence Webinars 2015

Making a Success of Talent Mobility

You are invited to join other global talent and mobility professionals at a series of webinars on the theme of “Striving for Excellence: Making a Success of Talent Mobility”.

Governments are adopting an increasingly strident approach towards the taxation of foreign nationals and corporations, and immigration is a headline topic. Yet, our companies remain focused on exploiting growth opportunities wherever they are to be found in the world. Nurturing talent and moving it to where it is most needed – talent mobility – is vitally important.

No surprise, then, that – despite the turbulent economic environment and the enduring climate of corporate cost-constraint – global assignments continue to grow in number and diversity with more sending and receiving locations, policy types and delivery options. The pressure on global mobility teams has never been so high!

Companies need to capitalize on the international experience they offer to develop their leadership pipeline and build organizational strength. They would like to be able to justify their investment in global mobility. These ambitions are central to this webinar series where we will answer some important questions:

  • What talent mobility practices are being used in leading companies today?
  • Which of these practices stand out as being particularly effective?
  • How do we build needed connections between global mobility and other HR functions?
  • How can we encourage talent to seek out the global opportunities offered by our company?
  • How do we establish the success or otherwise of our global assignments?
  • Is it possible to establish the ROI from global mobility and, if so, how do we go about it?

So join us for our latest ‘Striving for Excellence’ webinar series:

1. Talent Mobility market practices: from initiation to evaluation 15 Oct 2015
2. Using positive experiences: to stimulate talent mobility 10 Dec 2015

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Striving for Excellence in Talent Mobility

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