Our tools deliver the metrics and insights needed by companies looking for continuous improvement, innovation and best practices in the management of global mobility and international talent.

Each has been designed to support part of the ImpaQt optimisation methodology, our six-step approach to ensuring the continuous alignment of your talent mobility program to the rapidly changing needs of the modern global organisation.

What it is What it offers
EPM Expatriate Program & Talent Impact Metrics ‘Voice of the Customer’ metrics about the operational performance of the global mobility program and strategic outcomes including mobility tolerance, talent development and career impact Provides continually refreshed, benchmarked insights into critical aspects of program performance by gathering feedback from mobile employees, and their spouses and line managers
HR Business Partners Survey Survey of HR Business Partners to capture the views of those hosting mobile talent Provides an assessment of key aspects of your mobility program from the host business perspective
Talent Mobility Taskforce Benchmarks effectiveness of 70+ talent mobility practices and reveals existing good practices Facilitates the understanding, sharing and development of best practices in talent mobility
TraQit Dashboards Interactive, visual toolkit to gather, analyse and present key metrics in talent mobility Offers the means to design and share key demographic analyses of your mobile talent
Policy, Practice & Delivery Benchmark Survey Detailed benchmarks of policies, practices and key aspects of the delivery process Provides insight into the policies, practices and delivery approach of peers, and your market position
Mobility Needs Assessment Questionnaire for senior business leaders to reveal their strategic and operational talent mobility needs Elicits current and future drivers of mobility by region and/or business, and reveals the extent to which the program is fit for purpose
Value Tool Modelling tool to help explain the value proposition for each of the various segments of mobile talent Reveals the value outcomes critical to the success of each type of mobility and guides talent mobility strategy
Program Overview Diagnostic ‘Quick scan’ survey of HR leadership with respect to global mobility which results in an Alignment Scorecard Reveals fit of the current program with the needs of the business, and any pressure for change