Expatriate Program & Talent Impact Metrics (EPM)

Monitoring the effectiveness of international assignments

EPM is an online tool that provides total measurement of the effectiveness of a company’s global mobility program from both an operational and strategic talent mobility perspective.

Feedback, gathered from key stakeholders during and beyond the assignment life-cycle, is used to establish program performance. Benchmarked against the performance of other leading companies, this generates actionable metrics and unique insights.

EPM stakeholders diagram

The metrics and insights that EPM provides help elevate governance of your global mobility program beyond the typical reliance on instinct and anecdote. Its metrics broaden the options for, and strengthen the monitoring of, your SLAs with both internal customers and external vendors. Moreover, using EPM ensures that you, rather than your vendors, have control of the metrics which reveal their performance over time.

EPM provides an array of unique metrics to guide the strategic transformation of talent mobility. These metrics are just what is needed to underpin the all-important link between global mobility and talent management.

Post-assignment Talent Impact module

Does the international experience you provide to your Global Talent deliver the developmental and organisational impact you are hoping for?

The Post-assignment ‘Talent Impact’ Survey is an EPM module designed to measure the developmental and career impact of the experiences provided through international assignments and other forms of cross-border mobility. As with the other questionnaires which lie at the heart of EPM, the instruments in this module were developed in collaboration with a group of leading international companies. In this case, the contributing companies were participating in the “Global Talent Pipeline: Critical Metrics, Effective Strategies” project – an initiative to find ways to better leverage the experiences afforded through global assignments so as to deepen and strengthen the global talent pipeline.

Talent ImpaQt Survey Chart

As elsewhere in EPM, unique insights are created by positioning one company’s results against the results of others, anonymously ranked. Significantly, some of the most highly differentiated outcomes in EPM are found in this talent impact module. Clearly, when it comes to the experiences on offer through global assignments, some companies are able to leverage their talent mobility investment considerably better than others.

EPM benefits

  • An array of performance and outcomes metrics underpins meaningful governance
  • Tracking metrics over time allows the impact of program changes to be measured
  • Strengths in in-house delivery teams can be used to guide and improve others
  • Independent assessment of vendor performance helps direct their efforts to improve
  • Helps focus attention on the impact of international experiences on development and careers
  • Provides analysis to ensure support for the particular needs of each part of the business

EPM features

  • Hosted, online survey built on a well-established, trusted and secure platform
  • Gathers feedback from all key stakeholders, including employees and their line managers
  • Survey instruments developed with, and deployed by, leading international companies
  • Results ranked anonymously against the benchmarks provided by other leading companies
  • Quantitative and qualitative data about program performance, development and career impact
  • Interactive, online analysis of results with a wide range of demographic and other cuts
  • Independently produced KPI dashboard and vendor reports

Many of the world’s leading companies choose EPM.