Mobility Needs Assessment (MNA)

Most organizations allow their international mobility programs to develop without any explicit statement of mobility needs from the business. This undermines the global mobility team’s efforts to design a program aligned to the requirements of the business, and inhibits the development of relevant metrics of effectiveness. The result is to leave a gap between HR and the business, making it less likely that the business divisions will welcome the program as fit-for-purpose. Moreover, there is less likely to be a clear mechanism for communicating changes in mobility needs as business strategy changes over time.

The Mobility Needs Assessment is a questionnaire aimed at senior line managers designed to identify trends in the international mobility intentions of the business and the suitability of the policies and practices used to support current needs.

There are a number of flexible deployment options for this instrument:

  • Online through ImpaQt
  • Emailed as a PDF file
  • As a paper questionnaire
  • As an aide-memoir to help structure personal interviews

If the responses are entered directly – or otherwise – into ImpaQt, the results analysis engine will analyse the findings, presenting a gap analysis of the stakeholder inputs. Cross-company comparisons may also prove helpful – for example, in stimulating debate or in identifying companies with similar mobility needs.