Policy, Practice & Delivery

The Policy, Practice & Delivery Survey is a hosted, online tool that explores the all aspects of global mobility policy, practice and delivery process.

The Policy & Practice element of this tool enables organisations to gain a detailed insight into how their mobility policies, and the way they are applied in practice, compares with other selected companies:

Ten individual modules examine in depth:

  • Pay;
  • Location-specific allowances;
  • Partner’s support ;
  • Children’s education;
  • Housing;
  • Shipping and storage;
  • Preparation and settling-in;
  • Travel and leave;
  • Cars and transport;
  • Medical cover.

Unlike other solutions of this type, all information is continually reviewed and updated. By providing a quantitative assessment of the relative generosity of one global mobility program in comparison with those of other selected companies – in the form of our Policy Benchmark Index – this tool can help prevent the gradual bloating of policy provision which often results from reliance on the usual, more narrowly-focused benchmarking surveys.

The Delivery Process aspect of this benchmark survey tool recognises that delivering an effective global mobility program presents a number of challenges such as:

  • what is the best organizational structure for our global mobility function?
  • what are the optimum staffing/resource levels?
  • what technology is needed to support the global mobility program?
  • how effective is vendor procurement and management?

This tool provides a summary of the organisational approach to developing and interpreting policy and how well this is delivered in the field. The survey considers over 70 areas of the assignment management process , focusing on areas including:

  • approach to developing and interpreting policy
  • global mobility function coordination and control
  • the distribution of roles and responsibilities
  • resourcing levels underlying the process
  • the effectiveness of the technology which underpins the delivery model

How to participate?

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ImpaQt Policy & Practice Market report

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