Program Overview Diagnostics (POD)

The Program Overview Diagnostic provides a quick scan of a global mobility program measuring the compatibility of the program as a whole to the stated mobility needs of the business.

The Diagnostic is based on a questionnaire aimed at senior HR leaders with an in-depth understanding of the company’s mobility program and its purpose. It has been designed to identify shortcomings in the design of the program in relation to the circumstances of the business and its consequent mobility needs.

The are a number of flexible deployment options for this instrument: online through ImpaQt, emailed as a PDF file, as a paper questionnaire, as an aide-memoir to help structure personal interviews.

If the responses are entered directly – or otherwise – into ImpaQt, the results analysis engine will collate the findings, presenting a gap analysis of the stakeholder inputs and a Program Alignment Scorecard. Cross-company comparisons of Alignment Scorecards may prove helpful when discussing the urgency for change.


  • A quick scan of a global mobility program to assess its alignment to business needs
  • Program components considered:
    • Policy               The range of policies
    • Service            Service delivery standards
    • Platform          Team, process, technology
    • Capacity          for change Metrics and engagement
  • Dimensions analysed:
    • Scale / scope                       How much
    • Refinement                          How capable of handling complexity
    • Flexibility                               How responsive
    • Clarity / transparency          How easy to understand

Understanding a POD Scoreboard:

  • Four measures of alignment are presented for each of the four program components (Policy, Service, Platform and Change)
  • Alignment is highlighted by comparing program ‘fulfilment’ with the target line representing ‘need’