Talent Mobility Taskforce

The ‘good practice portal’ of the Talent Mobility Taskforce is an online community space designed to facilitate the sharing and development of good practices in talent mobility.

The portal is designed around the Good Practice Framework – a detailed and comprehensive description of more than 70 individual practices within four broad areas of talent mobility. This framework was created during the ‘Global Talent Pipeline: Critical Metrics, Effective Strategies’ project, a collaborative initiative involving many leading multinationals led by TraQs.

The Talent Mobility Taskforce portal has been designed to allow users to identify, clarify and adopt better practices in talent mobility.

At one level, this is a ‘social’ portal, allowing subscribers to :

  • explore real-life examples of good practice
  • seek clarification about the good practices shared by others
  • share ideas to improve existing best practice

However, companies in the Talent Mobility Taskforce also benefit from:

  • an independent talent mobility review
  • the documentation of each their practices
  • the ability to share this information with selected HR colleagues via the portal
  • scores for each practice, and roll-up summary scores revealing effectiveness
  • market benchmark comparisons for each practice, aspect and area of talent mobility
  • descriptions of effective practice shared anonymously by others

For more information, to log-in or sign-up, visit the Talent Mobility Taskforce.