Talent Perspectives on Global Mobility and International Remote Work

12th January 2021, Virtual

The working life experience of each internationally deployed employee has been impacted in different ways by the COVID-19 crisis. Some have remained in situ, others have temporarily returned home or moved to work from another location.

Talent Perspectives on Global Mobility and International Remote Work is a pulse survey of your globally deployed employees.

It reveals how their working situation has changed, the impact this has had on the effectiveness of their work and their development, and the kind of support that makes a difference.

The survey launches in January 2021. Those who missed the pre-launch virtual meeting on 12th January, can get in touch for more information.


TraQs – C&B for International Remote Work

25th November 2020, Virtual

Compensation and Benefits for ABG

The team of ABG network member companies in Spain met for the second time to reflect on their approach to compensation and benefits for situations where employees are in remote working situations with an international dimension.

In the disturbance caused by the pandemic, many employees around the world have been working from home. Where the work location is in a different country, there are many complex issues that may arise. The global mobility function is often tasked with finding solutions, so it is imperative that a clear framework is established to determine the appropriate response.

TraQs approached the issues by distinguishing three distinct situations of international remote working:

TEMPORARY REMOTE WORKER DUE TO COVID-19 i.e. a worker forced by COVID to return home (or escape elsewhere) from where they continue to work for the overseas entity to which they were originally assigned

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