TraQs at International HR Meeting

28th January 2020, Madrid, Spain

Employee Experience and Mobility

TraQs will be presenting to the 600+ HR professionals attending the 9th annual International HR meeting organised by Abg Personas in Madrid.

During 2019, TraQs provided expert support to the Red Expat member work group focused on understanding how best to improve the employee experience associated with global mobility. From this collaboration, a unique opportunity has been developed for Spanish companies to pilot the use of TraQs Assignment Stakeholder Experience Platform to measure the Employee Experience of their internationally mobile employees.

The presentation will explain the benefits of this opportunity and how it works in practice.

Agenda for the International HR Meeting

Virtual Q&A: Securing a positive EX from international moves

9th January 2020, 14:05-14:35 GMT / 09:05-09:35 EST

How to secure a positive employee experience from international moves

No two companies or programs are the same. This live Q&A session gives each company the opportunity to raise the unique challenges it faces when it comes to creating a more employee-centric global mobility program.

Each of the questions raised by those participating will be answered by senior TraQs consultants – informed by stakeholder feedback gathered from tens of thousands of international moves – and those attending from other companies will be invited to contribute their experiences too.

Companies participating include:

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