Benchmark Council

mX Benchmark Council
Benchmarking the mobility experience

Understand how the international mobility experience in your company compares with what others are able to achieve and learn what they are doing to secure a great experience for their mobile talent

1. Choose from proven mobility experiences

Shape your process around more than 100 mobility experiences that have been successfully deployed by other companies. Narrow your focus by type of move, by area of support or by move-stage. Find experiences about practical relocation support plus those vital experiences related to growth and career progression which underpin the talent impact of international mobility.

2. Benchmark to leverage your data

The Mobility Experience Benchmark Council is underpinned by a growing body of anonymous benchmark data from more than 50,000 moves. To use the benchmarks you simply input your own data for an experience. You receive a Benchmark Index, which tells you whether you are above or below the market, and a Benchmark Token which quickly identifies your rank position. All based on evidence!

3. Learn from excellence

The Mobility Experience Benchmark Council offers a unique opportunity to learn from those companies that have achieved a gold star Benchmark Token which marks them out as a class leader in a particular experience. Join the conversation with these companies at virtual roundtables where they talk about how they managed to achieve such excellence.

4. Showcase your success

As you upload your experience data, you too will likely achieve a gold star Benchmark Token for some aspects of your program. You will be invited to share your journey, and give others the opportunity to learn from you too.

Join the MX Benchmark Council

The mX Benchmark Council is guided by a Steering Group which represents members and works with TraQs to improve the platform.