TraQs at Utenlandsforum, Technology Day

4th June 2019, Hydro, Oslo, Norway

Global Mobility Technology – understanding where we are

Everyone responsible for global mobility will have heard the message: embrace digital transformation and prepare for a new ‘experience-centred’ future supported by big-data, AI, predictive analytics, machine learning, chatbots, robots . . . and, of course, smartphone apps.

The questions is, how much is hype and how much is reality? How do we manage our expectations, and those of our stakeholders, and make the right choices today?

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NYC Strategic Talent Mobility Roundtable

23 May 2019, Citigroup Center, Manhattan – invitation only

Metrics that drive a strategic approach to talent mobility

Early in this roundtable series, we concluded that global mobility programs need to focus more on ensuring successful mobility rather than simply delivering compliant, smooth mobility at the lowest possible cost. Broadening the function’s focus in this way paves the way for closer ties with both talent management and the business.

To demonstrate that our program is helping deliver more successful mobility we must be able to measure success:

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