Assignment stakeholder experience platform

The only platform that allows a company to measure global mobility RETURN ON INVESTMENT, and track both EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE and BUSINESS SUCCESS for insights that make mobility work

for the assignee

Of course the employee expects excellent practical support but, more importantly, it’s about the job, developmental and career experience

for the host business

Yes, the host business wants to keep costs as low as possible but, success requires good performance, and ideally also a leave-behind

for the corporation

The corporation needs effective governance, and to build a robust pipeline of global talent and strength across the global business

Program review and transformation workshops

On-site or virtual workshops allow a company to assess elements of its program, explore ways to progress and make mobility work

Success and RoI

How to measure Success and RoI by focusing on outcomes that matter

Cross-border EX

How to create and use employee experience metrics to reveal outcomes that matter

Talent mobility

Review, document and assess the effectiveness of a company’s talent mobility practices

Strategic talent mobility consulting

Our transformative vision is for global mobility programs to be guided by the need to deliver successful outcomes.

What constitutes success will differ according to the perspective of each assignment stakeholder. Often there will be conflicting aspirations and these will need to be resolved in a way that enhances global mobility return on investment.

Developing a clear understanding of the relationship between the global talent pipeline and the global mobility value proposition is vital. This will enable the building of meaningful connections between global mobility and talent management that will make mobility work.

We are here to help you take the next step.