Meeting of the Complex Programs Circle of the mX Benchmark Council

16th June 2021, Virtual

Meeting of this enduring Circle of Peers

The mX Benchmark Council is made up of Circles of peers, chaired by corporate professionals, which form to capture and compare information about aspects of the program and its effectiveness.

Companies with more challenging programs have joined together to form the Complex Programs Circle. This is an enduring Circle – one that will continue to meet on a periodic basis over an extended period of time.

Each Circle meeting has a flexible agenda set by the companies in the group according to their needs. The objectives are to compare perspectives and approaches, to benchmark the more challenging aspects of policy and practice, and to seek out data that reveals the effectiveness of each of their different approaches.

This mX Circle will gather, virtually, on June 16 between 9-11am EST (14:00-16:00 UK time) for the first working meeting of the group when the companies will be represented:

● Citi
● PepsiCo
● Procter & Gamble
● Walmart
● Boeing
● McDonald’s
● Novartis
● Schneider Electric
● Colgate-Palmolive
● Cargill

If you are responsible for a complex mobility program and are interested in being part of this Circle, please email us to arrange a conversation.