TALENT MOBILITY fast forward

28-29 June 2023

exchange • challenge • progress

TALENT MOBILITY fast forward is an event originated and hosted by the mX Benchmark Council in collaboration with Siemens in Munich on 28-29 June, 2023.

It affords the perfect opportunity to exchange practice and ideas, and challenge these in a spirit of collaboration, all with the goal of making real progress in shaping your own strategic approach towards enhancing the mobility experience.

As with all meetings of the mX Benchmark Council, this event is open to corporate global mobility and talent professionals only.


Day 1 – Wednesday June 28, from 18.00
We get underway with a welcome reception and dinner designed to allow everyone to get to know the others in attendance, find out about their challenges and be fully focused for the sessions to come.

Day 2 – Thursday June 29, from 9.00 to 16:00
Delegates work together in a series of interactive workshops designed to explore options, expose challenges and find/develop ideas for how to secure a better employee experience for our mobile talent through adjustments in:

  1. Policy and choice 
  2. Delivery and technology 
  3. Communication and engagement

The delegate fee, below, covers everything except accommodation and travel costs. For more information, or to register, please contact the mX Management Team.