TraQs-TaxPartner 2019 Talent Mobility Roundtable

31st October 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

Improving the experience of mobile talent – relocation, growth, career and taxes

The global mobility function often feels undervalued and in some way disconnected from other aspects of HR support. Yet, its complex work quietly underpins global operations and initiatives of vital strategic significance to the organisation. How do you get the recognition and support you deserve?

The key is to take ownership of your global mobility story, providing clear insights into the business needs that drive cross-border mobility and the effectiveness of your program in satisfying them. To answer challenges about cost, you need to highlight value; and to counter complaints about isolated problems that occur, you need to demonstrate a positive employee experience (EX) of mobility.

  • But, what does a measured approach to improving EX in global mobility look like?
  • Can you improve mobile EX without big data, AI, chatbots, robots and digital ecosystems?

We will consider these questions at our 2019 Talent Mobility Roundtable, and reveal what other leading companies are doing to try and improve the EX of their mobile talent.

Tax Partner helps clients ensure fiscal compliance and avoid unnecessary tax and social security costs. TraQs helps companies measure the employee experiences of the globally mobile, providing metrics and dashboards to drive a better experience for mobile talent and safeguard business RoI.