TraQs at SHRM Global Mobility Committee

16th October 2019, Houston, USA

Employee Experience, Desired Talent Outcomes, and Metrics

A joint presentation by TraQs with Citi, Pepsi and Walmart, to members of the SHRM Global Mobility Commitee (formerly the NFTC’s Expatriate Management and International Assignment Management Committees).

This one hour session involved seven different presenters, some physically in attendance at the CEMEX facility with others presenting virtually.

The presentation was designed to share the work of the strategic talent mobility roundtable group that has been meeting in NYC since 2016, and the actions that companies in that group have been taking to improve the employee experience of their international assignees and transferees.

Topics covered:

  • the need for a broader global mobility remit – operational and governance
  • how Citi is looking to drive improved EX in global mobility
  • the building blocks of meaningful EX metrics and challenges to overcome
  • how Pepsi has used EX metrics to guide it’s efforts to secure operational excellence
  • how Walmart has used its EX metrics to progress beyond operational excellence and the steps it is taking to move the dial on talent outcomes
Global Mobility Committee members are invited to provide feedback:   Complete survey

Committee members should contact TraQs for details of the follow-up virtual presentation about the post-presentation survey findings.