TraQs at London Global HR Executive

4th December 2018, The Cavendish, London

Competing successfully in a complex global economy depends on deploying and growing a pipeline of culturally agile talent. A key enabler of this capability is global mobility.

While our businesses demand ever cheaper moves, our leaders tell us we must improve the employee experience (EX). We are told to focus on talent mobility, but our businesses demand one-way transfers. How do we resolve such conflicting interests? What are the consequences for talent mobility? How can global mobility ‘outcome’ metrics – EX, Success and RoI – help us find the optimum solution?

This presentation argued the case for focusing on understanding the needs of each assignment stakeholder, and then capturing their experience of the way these needs or expectations are satisfied in practice. Stakeholder metrics like these provide a measure of program effectiveness that acts as a counterbalance to cost alone. Using metrics of Employee Experience for the globally mobile and Success/Roi metrics for the business can provide a new focus for the function, one that balances more effectively the conflicting needs of the different stakeholders.