Virtual Roundtable: Evaluating success and revealing ROI

17th January 2019, 15:00-16:15 GMT / 10:00-11:15 EST

Using outcome metrics to resolve conflicting stakeholder interests

Competing successfully in a complex global economy depends on deploying and growing a pipeline of culturally agile talent. A key enabler of this capability is global mobility. Yet, there are many competing interests among global mobility stakeholders.

While our businesses demand ever cheaper moves, our leaders tell us we must improve the employee experience (EX). We are told to focus on talent mobility, but our businesses demand one-way transfers. How can outcome metrics – EX, Success and RoI – help us understand and resolve such conflicting interests?

This virtual briefing provided answers to these questions and set out the steps needed to introduce RoI metrics to a global mobility program. – please join us for . What are the consequences for talent mobility? What are ‘outcome’ metrics and how can these help us find the optimum solution?