TraQs at Utenlandsforum, Technology Day

4th June 2019, Hydro, Oslo, Norway

Global Mobility Technology – understanding where we are

Everyone responsible for global mobility will have heard the message: embrace digital transformation and prepare for a new ‘experience-centred’ future supported by big-data, AI, predictive analytics, machine learning, chatbots, robots . . . and, of course, smartphone apps.

The questions is, how much is hype and how much is reality? How do we manage our expectations, and those of our stakeholders, and make the right choices today?

TraQs were invited to provide an independent and informed perspective to the member companies of the Utenlandsforum – a group of some 45 Norwegian companies that has been meeting together for more than 30 years – on their inaugural Technology Day.

Drawing attention to the vested interests of the technology vendors, and their venture capital backers, we shared market data about the reality of global mobility technology penetration today. We had specially invited advice in advance from a group of leading global companies who are part of TraQs’ US Strategic Talent Mobility Roundtable.

They advised forum members to:

  • undertake a detailed needs analysis and prioritise essentials
  • expect challenges and double the expected costs and timescales
  • budget for the long term
  • manage stakeholder expectations – including your own

If we want to use technology to improve the employee experience, it’s important to focus on experiences of consequence – those that impact outcomes that matter. This requires that we understand what is most important for each of our assignment stakeholders. Otherwise we risk falling into the trap of working hard to transform aspects of support that are peripheral to the outcomes that really define ‘success’ for our mobile talent.

Effective digital transformation requires that we have a reliable fountain of big data on the employee experiences of our mobile employees and other assignment stakeholders. Only in this way – by making mobility work for all involved – can we demonstrate a positive impact from our efforts.