Virtual Roundtable: Improving EX from Global Mobility

27th June 2019, 15:00-15:30 GMT / 10:00-10:30 EST

Improving the employee experience from global mobility

Global mobility functions everywhere are being asked to become more ‘experience-centred’ – seeking ways to improve the employee experience from cross-border mobility.

For this virtual roundtable, we gathered companies from across Europe and the US to share what they have been doing to demonstrate a focus on EX for the internationally mobile.

Following the initial roundtable discussion, TraQs explained – from their experience of working with leading multinationals across the globe – the important steps to get right to really make a meaningful difference :

  • choose the right experiences to try and improve
  • demonstrate the impact of the changes made
  • focus on outcomes that matter

The choice of which experiences to try and impact should be informed by a clear understanding of what is most important to key assignee cohorts. Add to this metrics about the quality of those experiences today, and you start to have a meaningful frame of reference. Add in benchmark data on how well those experiences are delivered by other leading companies and you will be able to identify low-hanging fruit.

Metrics on assignee experience provide the data needed to drive real improvement in the EX of our mobile talent. TraQs have powerful big-data on the quality of those experiences that can be mined to provide clear direction to global mobility’s efforts to improve EX – ensuring that they are successful and recognised as such by senior leaders.