TraQs at Red Expat EX team meeting

26th September 2019, Madrid, Spain

Employee Experience and Mobility

A group of Red Expat members were meeting to discuss their work as a project team on understanding and improving the employee experience of international assignments. Invited as experts, TraQs had already contributed detailed responses to a series of questions raised by the team – ranging from ‘how to encourage greater international mobility without increasing costs’ to ‘which methodologies are used to measure the experience’ and the practical challenges encountered.

After responding to a series of additional questions from the team, the presentation from TraQs focused on:

  • how a deep understanding of assignee EX equips the function with a story about global mobility that will help dispel the myths of noisy anecdote
  • how that understanding depends on knowing which experiences are most important to different assignee cohorts
  • why the process must result in meaningful, actionable insights and that this requires both objective metrics of the strength of each employee experience and objective targets that allow those metrics to be evaluated

TraQs Assignment Stakeholder Experience Platform allows companies to:

  • capture the employee experiences of cross-border mobile employees
  • understand whether each experience metric is good or bad by comparing it to an objective target – the benchmark EX score achieved by other leading companies
  • explore the underlying causes of a poor EX result so as to find a remedy
  • have a process for driving continual improvement in employee experience